Theo Bonham Carter

is a London based creative director.

Bad News

Foreword: This article was originally written in late 2009. I’ve tidied and reproduced it here partly because I’m still insanely proud of my cartoons, and partly because, well, actually not that much has changed.

One thing I didn’t predict was the rise of more content led, pared back reading experiences such as svbtle and Readability. Still, I hope there’s still some value to be had here somewhere.


On June 25 2009 at 21:20 GMT the biggest news story for years broke on a news blog, By that time of night most UK newspapers had already gone to print. A few mentioned Michael Jackson’s death the next morning, but it was obvious that those that delayed their printing to cover the story had very little to write about, and no time to do a good job of it. We ended up with a reworded TMZ story sat next to a selection of Twitter reactions from the public.

A little over a month...

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